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Today consumption around the world is part of daily life encouraged by the ever-growing array of goods on offer. Transparency of production and quality is conveniently overlooked. The misuse of children and textile workers is disregarded. In Switzerland, the growing pressure to consume more often outweighs the need to rectify this imbalance. There are indications that young people who cannot afford new clothes are under pressure to keep up with the latest trends. Government figures from 2018 show we consume 6 kilograms of clothing and textiles per capita, per annum, which equates to 51,267 tonnes of goods. It is easy to see that we waste an enormous amount of resources and cause tremendous pollution while ignoring the urgency that this problem presents on a global scale.

Our vision is big: we envisage a world in which the textile trade industry becomes socially and ecologically sustainable, which ultimately means that workers are paid adequately and work reasonable hours in safe environments. Furthermore, we encourage the safeguarding of the world’s resources in clothing production-; use and pollute less water in all aspects of production- dyeing, growing with pesticides and tanning. This also involves avoiding harsh chemicals and choosing ecological alternatives. Our vision can only become real with a change in our own consumption and by bringing pressure for change to bear on the leading producers of fast fashion.


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